Lindsay writes across three intersecting verticals: Science, media, and travel & parenting.  For science, she focuses on stories that get at the process behind the results, and the bigger picture of how we use science as a tool to understand the universe and our place in it. In her media writing, Lindsay specializes in exploring the podcast landscape, particuarly in the area of podcasts and science communication for kids. As a parent who has lived abroad, she’s interested in the intersection of parenting and culture.


Spotted and oddly striped zebras may be warning sign for species’ future – National Geographic

Winner of 2019 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards for Children’s Science News

Do Children Soak Up Language Like Sponges? – The New York Times

Scientists look to hack photosynthesis for a ‘greener’ planet – Science News for Students

Two Producers Working To Protect the Future of Wine – Wine Enthusiast

What To Expect When You Were Expecting in Early Modern England – Slate

Ham bone broth could be a tonic for the heart – Science News for Students

Meet The Granary Weevil, The Pantry Monster of Our Own Creation – NPR

Sourdough Hands: How Bakers and Bread Are A Microbial Match – NPR

The Parasite That Forces Bees To Dig Their Own Graves – Atlas Obscura

Searching for Snapdragons in The Spanish Pyrenees – Atlas Obscura


A Big List of Podcasts for Bigger Kids – The New York Times

A Big List of Podcasts for Little Kids – The New York Times

Podcasts: A Powerful Medium for Children’s Science Literacy – AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards

Interviewing Scientists for Kids’ Science Stories – The Open Notebook

For His WBEZ Podcast, A Storyteller Shares The Spotlight To Profile People ‘In A Big Ole Mess’ – Current

KUOW Podcast Engages Local Audience With Practical Tips for Fighting Workplace Sexism – Current

Why Kids Original Audio Matters And Why You Should Care – Medium

Through Podcasts, Kids’ Shows Also Get More Airtime on Old-School Radio – Current

Let’s Put the “International” in International Podcast Day – Medium

As Kids’ Podcasts Gain Ground, Producers Test Ideas for Live Shows – Current

6 Tips to Start a Great Podcast for Kids – Medium

19 Great Science Podcasts to Listen to With Kids – Medium

Kids Love Listening to Stories. So Why Aren’t Public Media Podcasts Telling Them Any? – Current

Where is the YouTube for Podcasts? – Medium

Travel & Parenting:

A Catalan Log That Poops Nougats At Christmas – NPR

How To Move Abroad in 5 Easy Steps – Out & About With Kids

The Part of Travel No One Talks About – The Art of Simple

Don’t Make Our Mistakes in Rome – Out & About With Kids

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