Lindsay has been producing audio since 2006. Starting with an internship for her college radio station, KRCC, she developed an appreciation for telling stories through sound. That led to a gig for Earth & Sky, an internationally syndicated short-format science radio show, where she worked as a producer for four years. In 2011, Lindsay started her own family history documentary business called Reflect & Record, producing multimedia life stories. When podcasts exploded onto the media landscape, she rededicated herself to her first love: Audio.

Selected projects and stories:

Tumble Science Podcast for Kids – Lindsay is the creator, producer, and co-host of Tumble, a narrative science storytelling podcast aimed at kids 6 – 12. With 70 episodes and counting, it has been Lindsay’s main creative and business focus since 2015.  Tumble received the Gold Award in Children’s Science News from the 2019 AAAS Kavli Science Journalism Awards.  Click here for favorite episodes, current partnerships, achievements, and how to work with Tumble.

Extra Credit – Lindsay was the lead producer on this documentary-style Audible Original Series. Hosted by the writer Neal Pollack and his teenage son Elijah, Extra Credit is the story of a hipster dad trying to teach his child everything he’s not learning in public school. With episodes ranging from the serious (slavery, guns, sex ed) to the silly (comic books, driving, yoga), Extra Credit is a mashup of buddy comedy, educational advocacy, and parenting advice.

Sex Ed– Elijah compares what he’s learned from his abstinence-only Texas sex education class, to what he found out in church.

Studio 360 – Lindsay began freelancing for Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen when it was a co-production of WNYC & PRI. Focusing on stories at the intersection of science and culture, she became a consultant for the Science & Creativity series funded by the Sloan Foundation.

Museum of God– An amateur paleontologist sees no conflict between the fossil record and his religious faith.

Designing Life – Researched and proposed an hour-long program on synthetic biology and design.

The Organist – A co-production of McSweeney’s and KCRW in Los Angeles, The Organist is an unconventional arts-and-culture audio magazine that experiments with sound.

The Secret Life of Plants – A clash between New Age nature worship and plant science leads to experimental music. This episode was named among the “Best Podcast Episodes of 2018” by the LA Review of Books.

Local reporting – Lindsay has freelanced for public radio in Texas.

KUT/ State Impact Texas: Why Doesn’t Austin Have Subways? – An investigation as to why certain public transportation dreams will never come true.

Marfa Public Radio: Funny or Die Brings Offline Twitter to Marfa Film Festival – Party reporting in Far West Texas.

EarthSky – Lindsay was responsible for producing 90 second science radio segments across all fields of science. Eventually, she served as fill-in host, and created a spin-off podcast before it was cool.


Austin Listening Lounge – Co-founder of local producer and listening salon in Austin, Texas.

Texas Science Communicators – Originally the Austin Science Communicators Happy Hour, Lindsay co-founded this group that eventually became a state-wide resource for science writers, producers, educators, and outreach.